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Saturday, 21 May 2011

8 signs she/he is your SOUL MATE

Some people say, when you finally found your soul mate, you will feel the ‘vibration’ inside you and seemingly you want to spend the rest of your life with hem/her. So, what are the signs that you must know before you can say that she/he is your soul mate? Let’s share here..don't tell anybody
  1.        The key word is co-operation. Yes, when both of you together, doing things together, you guys manage to complete it in a harmony environment. You can feel the ease when doing something together with him/her. Have you ever feels this way? If you answer me with yes, OMG...maybe, he/she is the one that you are looking for.

       2.  One of the criteria to determine whether he/she suitable for you is not his/her ability to looks ‘steady’ in front of you. You can see whether his/her action, the way they dress, hair style, the way they talk or laugh~ does it shows the real him/her? If it seems like an artificial actions, SORRY, he/she MIGHT BE NOT the person that you are looking for.

    3.The existence of the sense of instinct towards your partner. In the other words, both of you can read your partner’s mind and you can tell yourself the reactions/responds of your partner in certain situation.

    4.   You will feel calm, comfortable and with no stress when you are with him/her. You will feel the movement of time is too fast when you spend it with him/her. You WON’T feel bored with him/her.

    5.    He/she is always being there in any situation. She/he is the one who are really can understand you and inside your heart. Believe me, each soul mate will never be afraid facing problems and any obstacles, as long as he/she is with you.

    6.  He/she never compromise and care about your past, your ex-bf/ex-gf/ your education background, so on and so forth. He/she don’t care about your family background. He/she also feel free to share about their past honestly. He/she ready to confess about their weaknesses. Can you find that from your partner?

    7.   All of us have our own weaknesses, but you do not feel ashamed to be yourself in front of your partner. Both of you do not feel ashamed by the time you wake up in the morning, your appearance when you fell sick or even when you do not take your bath after two days. It will be sweeter if your partner with no hesitates, tells you his/her weaknesses.
    8.     You will feel that your secrets are safe in his/her hand rather than other people, or you feel suffocate if you keep your secret without telling him/her. Be happy my dear, she/he is your soul mate. Finally you find yours.


1 comment:

Sz said...

jodoh pertemuan ajal maut semuanya ketetapan Allah... dah tertulis di luh mahfuz ...

proses nak "mencari" jodoh ni pun bukan mudah kan...heee...cheerssss