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Sunday, 8 May 2011

LOng distance relationship. Can it be a loyal relationship or not?

Very often we heard about long distance relationship issues that will never works: the boyfriend studying far away and keep thinking about his girlfriend while the girlfriend is living happily with his own best friend; the wife is abandoned for years waiting for her husband to complete his career at oversea while the other side is changing partner everyday.
Why all these happened? Is that because the value of LOVE that grow inside is artificial? Or it is just fade away? Maybe each partner ask for determination and need a guarantee action for them to wait. Maybe for a month, a year or maybe it takes longer.
Promises and swears are seems useless for these kind of people.
But not all people will act this way when they are facing this kind of situation. All of us have our own opinions and reasons.
How can we protect this relationship from disturbance of surroundings? Well guys, there are so many ways to help ourselves from being a victim.

Some people says, try to give all of your heart to your partner. It means, everything that we do, think again if your partner is on your situation. By having this responsibility, you will try your best to avoid from hurting your partner's feeling.

Try as best as you can to arrange a date or meet your partner, even for a minute. It will give a good impression to your partner about your effort to win her heart.

Keep reminding yourself to be loyal and honest to your partner. Remember how you guys first met, what are all the sweet and bitter memories that both of you shared together.

From my own experience, separating from boyfriend-->husband for a quite long time were very tough. Peoples around keep giving me headache to think, is that my partner being loyal to me while i, myself don't know the exact feeling of him right now after having this crucial time. At first, it was really demotivate myself, but we did heart-to-heart meetings and discussions. And, thanks to Allah, now, we are happily live together, sharing every single moment, together..

As long both sides motivate themselves to be responsible to the relationship that built, God will, everything will gonna be fine.

All the best!


Sz said...

yeayyy berjaya gak dah follow blog u!

happy mothers day mummy! ;)

PutriAlam said...

Sz: tq for following..really glad for it!
happy mothers day to u too, mummy! :)

arttati said...

na...palingan berguna ni "long distance relationship" =)

PutriAlam said...

hehhe...ada kaitan ka?