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Monday, 8 August 2011

Visits from VVIP

salam n hi to all bloggers..nothing much to say..just wanna update this blog after hibernated for a quite sometimes.Tomorrow will be a visit by the members of Pejabat Pelajaran Daerah at Tambunan district to the place which i share all the knowledge i taught.

well, seems like everybody are nervous with this situation. And for some reason, it might be a stressful environment until the time passed by..what i heard is one of the visitor will be the Director himself..hopefully everything will run smoothly and positive.

So Ila, sleep early and keep the spirits~ grow and grow to lead a new generation of Malaysia in the future..


Sz said...

mesti senang bangun awal utk bersahur nanti..sebab takleh tido fikirkan tetamu tu ya..heeheh

Arfazilah Abka said...

hahahaha...betoi tu kak!hehhe..tapi last2, dia x pantau saya pun..guru lain yg kena...heheh..